Monday, June 13, 2011

The Recreation

This blog will no longer be silly and pointless. This will now be a fashion blog. I know, sill right? Well anyway, I'll be reviewing makeup, explaining new products, and do monthly favorites. I know this seems silly but if I don't have a point for this blog it will just stay here with no new posts. I haven't posted since February because I just have nothing that interesting to say about my life. I feel like everyone should have a blog about something they know a lot about. I wouldn't say I know a lot about makeup or fashion but I feel like I have a pretty valid opinion on a lot of things. So, I think I'll keep up my old posts because this did seem like a good idea when I made it. I keep up on my Peace Blog the most so please visit that. Also, I made a blog just to test some features. I have literally never used it so now I think I'm going to recreate that into another kind of review thing for other things like movies, books, and all that stuff. I'll keep updates on that and please, if you read this FOLLOW BOTH OF MY BLOGS. I really have no life so I feel like you should encourage my use of time and such. Maybe at some point I will be able to just combine all three of these blogs but at this point I feel like they're better as separate things.
Love Always,
Fabulous Killjoy. :D

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