Monday, June 13, 2011

Shadow Bases 'n' Stuff

Urban Decay's Primer Potion-5/5

My number one eyeshadow base will forever and always be Urban Decay's Primer Potion. I love it!! It makes your eyeshadows stay on forever and it makes them so bright and beautiful. That's actually the first eyeshadow base I had ever tried so I guess I'm a little bias but it's honestly the best base I have ever tried, though I haven't tried many. Go buy it right now!! I have only tried the original but I'm sure the other ones are just as fantastic. 
 Urban Decay Primer Potion

Too Faced Shadow Insurance-3/5

The main reason I can't give this product a lower rate is because I honestly love this brand. Their eyeshadows are beautiful and everything by them is just so fantastic. Except their eyeshadow base. It's too gooey and it really doesn't do anything to make the colors look better. I don't personally think it held my eyeshadow for as long as Urban Decay's. It's okay, it definitely holds them longer than not using a base but I really just don't see the point if the colors don't stand out. If feels like it just blends into my skin and it doesn't actually do anything to benefit my eyeshadow. It definitely feels good on the lid which is a definite plus. As I said before, it definitely holds but it's just not the best product I've used. I don't think it's worth the price but it's okay, I guess. I would say for you to try it though, because some people love it and some people just don't like it very much. 
 Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Sally Hansen's Fast Fix Eyeshadow Base-3.6/5

Like how I mixed up my rating there? Well anyway, I think this product is good, just not GREAT. I was surprised that a drugstore shadow base could hold the shadows as well as it did. I give it higher than Too Faced because it is very cheap. I don't know the exact price but it's somewhere between $6-$8, compared to Too Faced which is $19, I believe. My two main problems are that it's a bit thick and it's an odd color. It's kind of sticky when you put it on so you can't use that much or your shadow will just blend with the primer. Like I said, it's an odd color and with some shadows I feel like it might discolor them a bit. It does hold my shadow all day and it makes the colors pop and look great. I would say that if you want something cheaper with pretty good quality, buy this one. This is the only drugstore shadow base I've tried so I'll definitely get back to you guys on some better ones that could be awesome. 
 Sally Hansen Fast Fix Eyeshadow Base

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