Monday, December 13, 2010

Math vs. English

Just some thoughts while I'm sitting in math. Sitting in this class, working on a project makes me think how much I sincerely hate math, numbers, and all that goes with those little symbols of the devil. I love English, words and all that goes with them. You can't manipulate numbers the way you can words. There is always a correct answer with math, two plus two will always equal four. Words are different, you can move your words around to make people's mind see what you see. You can't create a fire-breathing dragon with numbers. One can try, with some crazy, ridiculous science and some theories but it would lose the magic. With words on the other hand, you can create a purple, fire-breathing dragon that can eat you in one bite but has the loving heart of pet. Though some people enjoy the fact that at some point, they will come up with the correct answer in a math problem, I am not a fan of that thought. With words, you can't end with the right answer because there is no one right answer. If you make people believe what you say, then you have successfully used words to the benefit of all that reads them. Bland topic, but one i felt the need to talk about.

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