Saturday, December 25, 2010

New Year

Lame title right? I know...but I don't have anything original on my mind so I just went with it...Anyway, I, like most people are ready for a new year. I can't say that 2010 has been bad for me, it wasn't easy but I'm here, alive and well. I actually have a lot to be grateful for. My family is happy and together and I've met so many new and amazing people!! The biggest thing I am grateful for is that my grandmother made it through the year. She's 91 years old and she's had her ups and downs throughout the months but she was able to celebrate Christmas with us this year and for that I thank God everyday. We always ask my grandma what she wants for Christmas and every year she says she just wants the whole family to celebrate it with her. I wish I was as selfless and loving as her, maybe that will be one of my goals for 2011. My great-grandmother unfortunately died this year, may she rest in peace. She will always be remembered and I hope she is up there watching out for the rest of us. Enough about death!! This year...let's see...this year has been filled with firsts!! First year in high school, first...okay I lied. That was really the only first but it's been such fabulous fun!!
11 Goals for 2011-
1. Focus more on piano. Though I love the instrument, I really need to put more time into learning it.
2. Wear makeup everyday...why? I got a lot of makeup for Christmas...
3. Read at least 50 books. It seems I have been slacking lately in the book department. 
4. Get all A's and B's in school. I've never gotten a C before in my life and I would hate to start in high school.
5. Make at least 2 new friends. I can always use an extra friend....
6. Control my addiction to Facebook....
7. Be a better person, but that's a lifetime goal.
8. Go to a state I haven't been to yet. 
9. Only have to clean my room 3x this year. Oh dear...
10. Get rid of anything in my room I am not using. It's harder than it sounds...
11. Appreciate what I have and thank those who give it to me more often. 

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